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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tommy Bond of "Our Gang" dies at age 79

Thomas Ross Bond played Butch the bully from the Little Rascals and Our Gang shorts of the 1930's. Later he went on to other roles, including Jimmy Olsen in two Superman films in the 40's. He was offered the role in the TV series, but turned it down.

Born Sept. 16, 1926, in Dallas, Texas, Bond got his start at age 5 when a talent scout for Hal Roach studios approached him as he was walking with his mother. The scout said he had "a great face" and he could set up an appointment with Hal Roach in Los Angeles. His grandmother drove him to L.A. for the meeting with Roach that led to his career on the Little Rascals and Our Gang series.

Bond died September 24, 2005 of complications from heart disease.


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