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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bob Denver of Gilligan's Island dies

Sadly, Bob Denver of Gilligan's Island fame has passed away. Denver died Friday in North Carolina of complications from treatment he was receiving for cancer. Apparently the media is just receiving the news today. Denver had also undergone quadruple heart bypass surgery earlier this year. Ironically, the last of the 3 Gilligan's Island DVD sets was just released a few weeks ago.

Denver first became recognizable to TV audiences with his portrayal of the beatnik-type Maynard G. Krebs on "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" (1959-63). The Gilligan's Island series started in 1964 and ran for 3 years. Bob Denver will be forever known as Gilligan. His website,, is designed and maintained by his widow Dreama Denver.

Three of the other Gilligan's Island cast members died in a three year cluster, 1989, 1990, and 1991.

Gilligan's Island cast:
Bob Denver - Gilligan - 01/09/1935 - 09/02/2005
Alan Hale, Jr. - Skipper - 03/08/1918 - 01/02/1990
Jim Backus - Thurston Howell III - 02/25/1913 - 07/03/1989
Natalie Schafer - Mrs. Howell/Lovey - 11/05/1900 - 04/10/1991
Tina Louise - Ginger - born 02/11/1934
Russell Johnson - The Professor - born 11/10/1924
Dawn Wells - Mary Ann - born 10/18/1938


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