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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sci-Fi Channel's New Year's Twilight Zone Marathon 2008/2009

It's time for the annual Sci-Fi Channel's New Year's Eve/New Year's Twilight Zone Marathon. It starts on the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008 (7:00 am CST) and continues through January 1, 2009. Check your local listings for the start time in your area.

Here's's schedule of episodes:
(Wed.) December 31, 2008
(Thur.) January 1, 2009

Also see: Schedule for 'The Twilight Zone'

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Download a 'Twilight Zone' Episode Guide

Here you can download a free 9-page Twilight Zone Episode Guide in PDF format. With the title of each episode, this guide gives you the date it first aired, the major stars, and a column to place a check if you've seen it/own it. It's a quick download as it's only 45k in file size.

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